CA State Office Investigated for Nazi Flag in Window

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A California Department of Corrections office had a Nazi flag prominently displayed in the window. After a video on social highlighted the offensive flag, it was taken down and is being investigated.

Video: Imgur

Michael Johnson took the video of the flag at the offices located at 16th and T Streets in downtown Sacramento and posted it to Imgur. “Right there in front of me was a big giant red flag with a swastika on it and some large SS bolts,” Johnson told CBS 13.

According to the Sacramento Bee, after the image blew up on social media, the department issued a statement that the flag was put up by an individual who “has no ties or affiliation with white supremacy or Nazis.” The department stated the flag was seized property from a case, and was displayed alongside other gang symbols as part of training.

“An office such as this, they might handle material that might otherwise look objectionable or discriminatory,” Dana Simas of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation told Fox40.
The CDCR further stated it will take “aggressive steps” to ensure its employees are following policies. But Johnson pointed out in his video that the prominent display of a hateful symbol in a heavily trafficked part of Sacramento does not convey that.

“In this context, I don’t believe it was being delivered in that manner,” Johnson told CBS.