Mischievous Cat Gets Solitary Confinement for ‘Repeatedly’ Setting Other Cats Free

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A shelter cat named Quilty won hearts after his claw-ful behavior landed him in feline purr-ison.

According to staff, Quilty is a serial offender escape artist, who was caught letting other cats out of the senior room at the shelter “repeatedly, several times a day.” Shelter staff attempted to put him in solitary confinement in a separate kennel, where “he released himself of his own recognizance…He felt that confinement had nothing more to offer him.”

The shelter said that, at his previous home, Quilty had a habit of letting the family dog into the house as well.

Friends for Life, Houston’s only no-kill animal shelter, posted about Quilty’s crimes on Facebook:

“Quilty will not be contained. And he has no shame,” the shelter wrote. “We have since Quilty-proofed the cat room, while he took a brief hiatus in the lobby. His roommates missed him while he was banished to the lobby. They enjoyed their nighttime escapades around the shelter. The staff, however, did not miss the morning cat wrangling, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree there.”

Quilty’s misadventures capture the attention of social media, and his subsequent confinement spawned a Twitter hashgtag: #FreeQuilty.

After serving his sentence, Quilty was adopted last week by a central Texas family — but according to an update, he apparently “left all of his spice at the shelter.” 

Fight the paw-er, Quilty. Stay free.