Raccoons Run Wild in an Arkansas College Library

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“I thought raccoons were supposed to be nocturnal.”

Not in Jonesboro, Arkansas. A state university library in northeastern Arkansas had some unexpected furry visitors last week. On Sunday, math tutor and alumnus Codie Clark was waiting for a student on the third floor of the Dean B. Ellis library when he spotted two raccoons running around the stacks.

Twitter users enjoyed news of the late-night book bandits:

I support raccoon literacy

Even weighed in with:

“Please be advised that books, by definition, are not limited to any particular species.”

Associate Vice Chancellor for Marketing and Communications Bill Smith told KAIT-TV the animals were captured humanely and released back outside later that night. School officials suspected the animals were seeking shelter due to recent extensive rain.

“They weren’t just looking for higher ground,” Smith told KAIT. “They were looking for higher learning.”