Your Most Unsettling Character Trait, Based On The Zodiac

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Learning about your astrological sign may be a delight if you believe the stars have sway over our individual lives. But sometimes self-discovery isn’t all that flattering.

Ranker compiled a list of the creepiest attributes of each astrological sign. But buckle up; this may not be a fun ride.

ARIES: You have a tendency to be violent. Even shockingly so. 

TAURUS: You are incredibly possessive, and it can make people uncomfortable (to say the least). 

GEMINI: There’s no nice way to put it: you’re a two-faced liar.

CANCER: Your intense victim complex is off-putting. (Admit it: you secretly love being wronged!)

LEO: You and narcissism go hand-in-hand. It’s not all about you.

VIRGO:  You are a control freak. Like, times ten. (Please. Just breathe.)

LIBRA: The good news? You’re empathetic. The bad? You empathize with horrific, problematic people.

SCORPIO: You get excited about the types of disturbing stuff that’s downright horrifying to others. Yikes.

SAGITTARIUS: You have enough motivation and personality to become a literal cult leader.  

CAPRICORN: Your intense ambition results in a lack of emotion.

AQUARIUS: Your ideas about fixing society’s problems aren’t empathetic — and maybe even a little sociopathic? 

PISCES: You are emotionally volatile, constantly swinging between darkness and rainbows. 

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