5 Easy Ways To Brighten Up Your Space In Quarantine

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Tired of staring at the same stale colors in your home? What about the boring rug you’ve grown to hate that’s older than dirt?

Don’t fret! Every space needs a light makeover every now and then. This seems especially true now, as Covid-19 continues keeping us indoors, reminding us of all the things we dislike about our living spaces.

Here are 5 simple ideas to brighten up your home in big ways:

1. Experiment with peel-and-stick wallpaper. It’s fun, removable, and perfect for adding a splash of color to an otherwise dreary space.

2. Get a mirror. They tend to make a room look larger and more lively.

3. Find a rug that pops. Sometimes the best place to inject some fun into your home is beneath your feet. A vibrant rug may do the trick.

4. Avoid opaque curtains. Instead, go the light and gauzy route. They ensure privacy while keeping the light flowing in.

5. Invest in metallic decor. Such items reflect light, elevate the room’s glam level, and add a unique flare to an otherwise drab space.

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