The Foods Americans Once Loved To Eat

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Lifestyle changes and increased immigration have shifted the U.S. diet dramatically over the centuries. The earliest European settlers consumed some, ah...interesting menu items. Here are 7 of them!

1. Eel Pie. Yep, the English colonists loved it. Eel was plentiful back then, and 17th century settlers couldn’t resist!

2. Roast Beaver Tail. European settlers needed foods that were high in fat and calories, and beaver checked off those boxes.

3. Perry. Aka, pear cider. With an abundance of orchards along the east coast, the cider was a simple, sweet treat to sip on.

4. Sassafras. The leafy spice is still used in Creole cooking, but it was far more prevalent across the colonies 200 years ago.

5. Colonial Syllabub. Imagine a milkshake-like concoction of whipped cream, sugar, and wine. (Sounds kinda tasty, right?)

6. Turtles. ...Yeah.  *Cringes* Our slow, shelled friends were definitely a popular delicacy that soon became overharvested.

7. Oysters Rockefeller. The seafood, which came with a green butter sauce, was invented in 1899 as a luxury menu item in New Orleans.

So. What do you think — from now on should we say, “American as eel pie”? …Yeah. Didn’t think so!