Hairstylists Share Their Pet Peeves and You’ve Probably Done Them

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BuzzFeed asked hairstylists what their biggest pet peeves were when it came to customers. Be prepared to cringe — and LOL.

Here’s what the stylists had to say:

1. Don’t — I repeat, DO NOT — stare up at your stylist while they shampoo your hair in the sink: “It’s so awkward. Just close your eyes!!!”

2. Please don’t assume getting less hair cut equals a smaller price tag. “It doesn’t matter if [a stylist is] chopping off 1/2 an inch or 8 — they still need to shape your hair and take their time.”

man with a hairstylist

3. Even if you’re embarrassed, don’t lie about what chemicals you’ve used on your hair. “We need to know what your hair has been through in order to provide you with the best service possible without ruining your hair.”

4. Don’t assume you can just drop your stuff into your stylist’s space! “Ask me first if you can set your two phones, purse, drink, and glasses on my WORKstation. Respect my space!”

woman cutting man's hair

5. Just because you bring in a model or celebrity photo to reference doesn’t mean your hair will look EXACTLY like the pic. “I’m a hairstylist, not a copy machine.”

6. Wait until your stylist is done before you start criticizing. “Mid-service always looks weird, and you gotta wait until the end to start judging!”

shaping a man's hair with hair clippers

7. Don’t tell your stylist that “no one has been able to do your hair the way you like it.” You’re telling on yourself. “That’s either because [you] have unrealistic expectations or [you] just don’t like [your] appearance. Stop setting up every stylist for failure!”

8. And last but not least: STOP. MOVING. “Keep your head still!”

But don’t worry! You’re human, and we’re all guilty of at least some of these. However, maybe it’s time to stop expecting our stylists to turn us into JLo by the time we leave the chair.

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