Before Thinking About Dusting off Your Passport, Travel to These 12 U.S. Destinations!

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Despite the fact that we are all grounded – literally – from traveling, this down time is a great opportunity to dig up a globe or head to Google maps and start a bucket list of places to travel. But, so many of us are so excited to leave the homestead that we forget to be tourists in our own backyards.

Venturing downtown after sundown, taking a drive to the countryside on a weekend, or jetting up to the mountains for a long weekend are all options many of us don’t take advantage of. It’s also a perfect time to experience your own neck of the woods, whether it’s your home city or across a state line or two — or three! 

Credit: Ryan Parker

Just think of all the tourists that travel to the U.S. every year to experience our landmarks, ride our transportation systems, and dine out. Don’t make the mistake of skipping over New England to experience American history, Miami, Florida, for its clear-water beaches, or Savannah, Georgia for its southern charm.

Take BuzzFeed writer Michelle No. After leaving New York City for Berlin, she regretted not traveling around the U.S.

“The distance has made me homesick and a little regretful for all the places I didn’t travel to while I lived in the U.S.”

Let’s learn from Michelle. Take out a notepad or call on Siri and get started on crossing off these top 12  U.S. regions. Happy travels and bring us back a souvenir! 

1. Miami, Florida

2. The mountains of Alaska

3. Madison, Wisconsin

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

5. The Appalachian Trail

6. The Arizona desert

7. Anywhere serving breakfast tacos, Texas

8. Montana

9. Boston, Massachusetts

10. The Hawaiian islands

11. Savannah, Georgia

12. Portland, Oregon

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