Unspoken Rules for Starbucks Customers

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It’s officially pumpkin spice season which means coffee drinkers and autumn enthusiasts are swarming Starbucks locations everywhere. It’s totally understandable since pumpkin-flavored anything is delicious. However, times are tough for everyone and the last thing we want to do is accidentally be that customer at the coffee shop. Here are a few things to consider on your next coffee run.

Leave the “secret menu” in 2014 

The beautiful thing about Starbucks is that they offer an endless variety of coffee combinations with dozens of different flavors, milks, roasts, and so much more to choose from. Their menu items have been carefully curated to taste great, so try not to overcomplicate things if you don’t have to. May we recommend the pumpkin cream cold brew? It’s a nice balance between rich coffee flavor and a sweet and spicy kick. 

Pick up after yourself

This may seem obvious, but if you’re visiting Starbucks, or any coffee shop for that matter, remember to throw away your trash and wipe up any spills. Given that we’re still in a pandemic, baristas are already having to go out of their way to clean and sanitize over and over again. This small gesture will go further than you think. 

Try not to go back on your order

Remember, it’s okay to ask questions or ask for recommendations when it comes to caffeinated beverages. Most baristas are happy to make you the perfect drink for your preferences. However, try not to make any changes to your drink once it’s already made. This can be wasteful and take up too much time, especially if you ordered in the middle of a rush. 

If you absolutely have to ask your barista for something extra, please try to be as polite as possible. Service workers have to deal with a lot of pressure in 2020, so let’s all work together to make their lives a little bit easier. Enjoy your lattes!

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