What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Perfect Tattoo

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If you’re putting a permanent mark on your body, don’t you want to make sure it syncs well with your astrological energy?

Here are the types of tattoos you may want to consider, based on your Zodiac sign:

Aries have a tendency to get tattoos that are displayed prominently on the body. 

Taurus will more likely be subtle with their designs.

Geminis are lured toward the idea of getting more than one tattoo at once. 

man holding disposable cup

Cancers like tattoos that show off their loyalty — to loved ones, to pets, to country, you name it. 

Leos may stick with a predictably fierce design: a lion.

Virgos are all or nothing. They’ll either have zero tattoos or be covered from head to toe.

woman in orange shirt

Libras tend to get tattoos depicting nature. 

Scorpios follow in Leos’ footsteps and broadcast who they are with a scorpion. 

Sagittariuses love their designs to reflect their wanderlust and love of travel. 

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Capricorns will get a tattoo that symbolizes what motivates them to live better. 

Aquarians are prone to designing their own tattoo instead of letting someone else dictate the look.

Pisces are more likely to get their partner’s name or face imprinted on their skin.

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