How to Find the Perfect Fancy Dog Name

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Picking a fancy name for your dog is no easy task! Why? Because the name has to fit how the dog looks as well as the personality of the pup. Lucky for you, we have some tips that can help you find the perfect name for your furriest family member—especially if you want to take the fancy route!

Consider the dog’s physical appearance. Is he/she big or small? Do they have a dark, medium, or light coat? What makes your doggy unique? How dramatic is your dog? Are they wise or silly? These questions are a great starting point when selecting the name that’s just right! 

You might also want to consider the breed to see if you can find a name that aligns with the origin of your dog, especially if it’s fancy! For example, “Duke” works for stately boy dogs, “Lily” is perfect for an adorable little dog, and “Ming” is awesomely cute and refined! Any of these might be the right fit for your sweet and fancy pup!

It might take time to find the right name for your dog. Get to know your furry friend and try a few names out to see what really feels right! For more fancy dog name ideas, check out The Spruce Pets.