Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Or Does It? 11 Great Valentine’s Gifts Under $20

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Does your partner like to be shown love through gifts, do they prefer a massage, or maybe a nice meal cooked for them. Our Content Director (and love expert) Nayeli Pelayo has a suggestion for you to learn how to express love in the most meaningful way for your person.

The 5 Love Languages

It’s the ultimate secret to love…the 5 Love Languages. Falling in love is easy, but staying in love? There’s the challenge. We all respond to love and affection differently and yet we express love the way we want to receive it, which doesn’t make sense. Learn how to love your partner in a way that’s meaningful to them and let them learn how you want to be loved with this swanky hardback edition for $18.99 (or pick up a paperback if you’re on a budget).

Need some other ideas? Check out these awesome gifts for all kinds of valentines.

Personalized Name Bar Bracelet

A Personalized Name Bar Bracelet in case they forget their name (just kidding… I hope). Name jewelry is making a comeback and this is the perfect gift for a simple, dainty piece of jewelry (think Carrie Bradshaw). 

Make it EXTRA special to get a matching set for you to wear each other’s names. So cute! Get customizing for $19.98.

Adventure Fund Wooden Bank

An Adventure Fund Wooden Bank for all the places you’ll go together—after the pandemic of course. You might only be saving pennies, but it’s also a visual reminder to put money away for your wanderlust. When you reach your goal, making memories together will be the ultimate gift. Start planning your next adventure for only $13.00.

Succulents Box

In love with a plant lover? Try the Succulents Box. If you feel like jewelry is overdone for the holiday, give them something that will bring beauty and life into their space! Succulents are hard to kill so even gardening rookies have no problem keeping it alive. Only $8.50 for the first box.

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Who wants to go out for coffee anymore? Gift your favorite person a Primula Pace Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker. Side effects include: saving money, enjoying coffee at home, and a happy partner. Plus, no facemasks or social distancing is required. Start brewing for only $19.59.

Uncommon Questions

If it’s been a few years, running out of fun things to talk about can be normal. Get out of that rut with the Uncommon Questions. It comes with a couple hundred options, so break them out during dinner and bring back some spice to your relationship. But really, it’s a great way to reconnect and dig into each other. Get to talking for $20.00.

Black Solitaire Earrings 

Diamonds are classic, but maybe your mate is a little more original? Add some spice with these cool and understated Oval Black Solitaire Earrings. After all, your partner is unique in every way—give them something that says that. Available for only $15.97.

“Mine, All Mine!” Card

This Mine All Mine Card is a funny reminder that they’re yours…all yours…no one else’s. Maybe pull your eyes back in, you don’t want to look too crazy, though! [eyes emoji] Make them laugh for only $4.50.

The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional

Opposite love languages? “The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional” will help you and your partner understand and express love to each other better. Plus extra brownie points for such a unique gift *wink wink*. Share this book with your loved one for $13.38.

5D Diamond Painting Kit

A 5D Diamond Painting Kit is an awesome gift for your artsy partner, and it can also be a fun shared project during this ongoing quarantine. Why buy home decor when you can DIY? Plus it’s a good test to see if you work well together. Get creative for only $7.17.

Hot Chocolate Scented Candle

Yankee Candle who? Try this Our Own Candle Company Hot Chocolate Scented Candle instead. No need to buy a box of chocolates when you can give the scent of chocolate, which lasts longer, and it comes in a mason jar. Too cute! Only $15.99.