TikToker Goes Viral for Winter Storm Tips to Southerners During Texas Freeze

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Texas and other Southern states are undergoing one of their worst winter storms in history, causing massive power outages for over four million Texans, car crashes, and food shortages. While there’s been a public outcry to government response (or lack thereof), people have been quick to offer practical advice and guidelines for Southerners who are living through their first winter storm. For instance, TikTok user Ben Hughes has gone viral with his video series: Life-Saving Winter Storm Tips For Southerners (Pt 1), which has racked up over 60,000 views. 

Some of Ben’s tips include:

  1. Clearing out the tailpipe of your car from snow before using it
  2. Use socks if you don’t have gloves, and you can use leggings if you don’t have a scarf
  3. Gloves warm you up faster if you put them on BEFORE you leave the house
  4. Use cooking spray to prevent your car door’s rubber gasket from freezing shut
  5. Take off your windshield wipers if you think they’ll freeze to your windshield
  6. Wear loose layers to trap insulated air
  7. You can use a mixture of warm water and rubbing alcohol to melt snow
  8. Don’t use a credit card to scrape snow
  9. Don’t wear wet cotton–it’ll get cold enough to give you hypothermia
  10. If you don’t have waterproof boots, use a combination of tucking your pants into your socks, covering your shoes in bread bags, and tying it off with rubber bands to keep your feet dry
  11. If you have no heat, centralize everything in one room and insulate it as best you can

Of course, Ben’s not the only good Samaritan offering friendly advice:

For now, large cities such as Dallas, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri are trying to preserve their power grid, while the entire state of Texas is being warned of another possible winter storm coming later in the week.