After a Year of Quarantine, a 98-Year-Old Mother Reunited with Her Son in Seattle

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It had been over a year since Yoshia Uomoto was able to see her son, Mark, due to the coronavirus pandemic. That changed when Mark was finally fully vaccinated, and allowed to hug his mother in her assisted living home in Seattle.

Mark and his cousin Gail, had been subject to regulated visits that only allowed them to speak through a lobby window, a policy that has been the standard in the United States. This was difficult for Yoshia as she is hard of hearing.

Mark and Gail decided, once they were cleared to visit, to surprise Yoshia. They said that it was wonderful to see her excitement and that the moment was very heartwarming. Gail’s mother, Yoshia’s sister, had been a resident at the Nikkei Manor assisted living facility before she died, so it was an especially happy moment for her to be able to see her aunt again.