Once the Country’s COVID Hotspot, New York Residents Will Have Universal Vaccine Availability

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Last Tuesday, Governor Cuomo announced that everyone over the age of 30 in New York state will be eligible to schedule and get their vaccine. And on April 6, New York state residents ages 16 and up will be able to get their vaccine.

This means that, almost a year after being one of the areas worst-hit by COVID-19, New York will have almost universal vaccine availability before Biden’s May 1 goal date. 

In fact, one NYC health official claimed that the city “can be completely out of this within six to eight weeks of very aggressive vaccination.” 

However, NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio, is still clear that these predictions can only happen if residents practice precautions. As of now, there are still concerns about a “fourth wave” of the coronavirus.

“Unfortunately we are not seeing the declines we want to see, so we remain very concerned,” says Dr. Varma, de Blasio’s mayoral advisor.
While conditions have vastly improved from last year, which saw overflowing ICUs and exhausted supplies of PPE, New York state still has one of the highest rates of infection in the country.