About Us

ProgressPop is a nonprofit news organization providing our audience with reporting on a wide range of national issues reflecting the intersection of pop culture and current events. We focus on stories that make life POP.

We meet our audience where they are, with news covering the wide range of who they are, understanding that what makes us diverse is not just our communities, but the varied interests of each individual, as well.

You love the latest on your horoscope just as much as you love a bite-sized, easy-to-understand explainer of governmental policy. We keep you in-the-know about all the news that matters to you—BIG names, BIG stories, and BIG fun.

Editorial Staff

David Ellmann, Editorial Director
Kim Hohman, Editor
Jaya Todai, Staff Writer
Cassandra Etienne, Freelance Reporter
Kaley LaQuea, Freelance Reporter
Alexandra Tirado Oropeza, Freelance Reporter